Who am I?

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Who am I?
  • A creative centipede with a hunger for expression and transformation.

Reva is my hindu name meaning – handy, quick and moving toward oneself. When I’m creating I very strongly feel the most of who I am. The more I let my inspiration take me, the more I feel I’m moving towards myself. I believe the energy of this name is helping me to do so.

I like to be economical in a way that it gives my creativity a push.  Ideas are born when I’m looking for solutions to everyday challenges. This way I come up with ideas I would overlook when I don’t challenge myself to live sustainable.

My design philosophy

My aim is to bring the attention to the beauty we are all surrounded by. The beauty of nature, of shapes, light and colors. The words I use are there to awaken and inspire and take your awareness to a higher level.

My inspiration

Selfexpression, beauty, power of words, nature, colors, shapes, wisdom, light,  life itself, symbols, culture, travelling, experiment, imagination, community

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